Day-Off Baking Party for One

Well, it was my birthday yesterday and I realized that the one thing I need most these days is TIME so I gave myself today off.

I slept in (past 8 am!).
I played a moderate amount of video games.
I made 2 kinds of people cookies I’ve had on my list to make since forever!

First off, I made a batch of lacy, crunchy, caramelly oatmeal lace cookies that took me straight back to childhood.

I followed this recipe exactly, but substituted smoked sea salt for regular, and deglazed my browned butter pan with a tablespoon of whiskey which I reduced by about half and added to the mix.

Next up, I really wanted to make lemon bars, but my boss brought in some beautiful cookies from Dahlia Bakery yesterday and I got my fix! So instead I made this Ina Garten version but used sweet little Satsuma oranges for the juice and zest, and added 2 Tablespoons of white balsamic vinegar to up the tartness quotient. I may have gone one step too far because I lowered the sugar content by a cup, but time will tell. These bad boys are setting up in the fridge even as I type. I mean, 3 cups of sugar???? Ridiculous. Oh, and I used vanilla sugar in the crust and curd both for a hint of that yummy aroma.

Next up on my to-bake list? A fresh take on the classic snickerdoodle.